MSPC Repairs & EDR. (Electronic Device Repairs.) SINCE 2010.

We are a local friendly family run business based in Kingsway Quedgeley Gloucester.

A trustworthy value for money electronics repair company right on your doorstep. All work carried out in our purpose built workshop.

Please always check for Identification before letting anyone take your valuable electronics.

We started our family business after working in the electronics industry since leaving school over 20 years ago,It was getting so annoying hearing all the stories from people saying how much they had paid. Almost £75 for a laptop power supply! – this we believe is unfair when the same item can be found for around £25.00 or less.

We decided to start our own business to try and make electronic device and computer repair services more accessible for everyone. Working from our home means no overheads this in turn means we can keep our prices very low. Our purpose built workshop is located at our home address. This workshop is specially equipped for electronic device repairs. We are not some bloke with a set of small screwdrivers sat in the back of a pop up shop. This is specialist work and should only be undertaken by a qualified electronics technician.

We offer easy to afford prices. for work that would normally cost you so much more. Our services are offered for Gloucester & the whole of UK via postal service.

We offer a free diagnosis plus a set price for up to one hours work undertaken. For jobs that take less than an hour the rate is lowered, this has proved very popular with our customers who would have paid far more for a ten minute job.

We will do almost any computer related work all at the set price given during consultation. There are no hidden costs and we DO NOT overcharge for the work we do


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Also telephone advice is given to help you attempt problem solving yourself without paying for someone to come out and hit the “ctrl – alt – delete – keys”. Some of the devices we have repaired have not just been the usual smart phones and laptops. We have repaired blenders, toasters, headphones, horse clippers, radio control equipment and the list keeps growing, too many to mention here.

We add that personal touch to our business and treat our customers as friends. Is your computer or laptop too slow, broken, has missing parts, or just needs a makeover and service then please give us a call with absolutely no obligation. We offer data recovery and full system restore for less than £60.00. For this you would get your computer back like it was when purchased ( cosmetic condition not included.) with your user folder data still on the computer. Unlike other places that will simply delete everything and set the computer back to factory settings.

We repair and service other electronic devices such as – Tablets, IPhone screen replacement, Ipad, iPod, Blackberry, Tom,Tom, Garmin, Sat-nav, HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, Nokia Lumia, Microsoft Lumia, Galaxy tab, Google nexus, Plus many more electronic devices.


At MSPC Repairs  we endeavour to provide value for money for a service that has for too long been expensive and confusing.

Our six month screen warranty will be void if the screen is cracked or chipped when presented to us. We can’t offer a refund or free replacements for cracked screens after they have left our premises. Customers are always asked to check their device before leaving. Warranty will not be given for devices we have not been able to test ourselves due to screen lock codes or factory reset Apple devices.
screen locked smart phones cannot be tested to see if everything works before and after a replacement part has been installed so if we can’t test it we believe it would be unreasonable to expect us to warranty it.