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Will you fit parts that I have purchased or do you only fit your own parts?

Yes, we will fit customer purchased parts there is no need to use our parts if you want to purchase your own and simply have us fit them this is no problem. Of course, there is a small fitting charge and we would not be able to put any warranty on the part being used. We would however warranty our workmanship.

How can you assure me that my personal information is protected on my device?

MS PC Repairs & Servicing take personal data very seriously we never store or share any data with third parties. We always suggest leaving the hard drive with the customer if it is not needed for repair purposes. Most repairs and servicing can be carried out without the hard drive or the customer’s login password. ( this does not include touch screen devices as passcodes will be needed to access the device to fully test it.)

Will you collect and return my laptop, iPhone or IPad?

I am sorry due to how very busy we now get we do not offer a collection and return service as we simply don’t have the time anymore.

What happens if my Device is broken, damaged, or stolen while in your workshop or care?

Although this has never happened and we do take extreme care with our customer’s equipment we do have public liability insurance & insurance cover up to £1m for all our customer’s devices. We also have full CCTV in operation on the premises always watching your equipment 24/7 with remote recording equipment based off-site that records non-stop. We are also fully alarmed with a monitored off-site call center that would alert the appropriate person or service should the alarm be triggered.

My screen is broken how long will it take to replace it?

The actual replacement takes less than half an hour for laptops but iPhones and iPads can take about 2 hours to complete. We do keep iPhone and iPod iPad screens in stock at all times but laptop screens and some other tablets or smartphone screens may need to be ordered. We DO NOT use cheap copy parts for our replacements we will always use OEM parts while they can be sourced. We have a six-month warranty on our screen replacements because we know we can trust the parts we use. ( warranty does not cover cracking or breakage. Warranty is void if the screen is cracked when presented to MSPC Repairs.)

What qualifications do you have or need to perform this kind of work?

Our technician has over 27 years experience within the electronics industry and gained various computing qualifications during this time including A+ computer hardware & Cisco, Microsoft qualifications. That said there is currently no industry-recognized qualification for this kind of work. A person does not need to prove they have qualifications to work on a computer. But we do warn against “have a go hero’s“ that claim to be able to do this unless they have at least one of the various qualifications available. Our technician currently has City & Guilds 232 & 8030 electronics engineering qualification, Edexcel Level 3 NVQ, HNC electronics & engineering, AS/A level electronics from Eduqas, BEng (Hons) degree electronic engineer.

Do you sell laptops or power supplies etc?

We do now offer a range of laptops and computers for sale but do not always carry them in stock we can order from our suppliers and have them delivered next day delivery in most cases. We also have various replacement parts in stock. If you are into gadgets and tech we also have some pretty random items that are well worth looking at. Due to the huge amount of different makes and models of computer devices, we may need to order the correct part for your particular make and model.

Can my iPhone or smartphone be repaired on the same day you receive it?

We do repair iPhones, iPads & Smartphones on the day they are received so our customers are not left without their phones for too long. We do carry parts for Apple products so these can usually be repaired without any need to order parts. iPhone repair on the same day and usually within 3 hours or less Other smartphone repairs may require parts being ordered we then call the customer to arrange a repair on the day the part arrives.

Device repairs How can you tell if you are being ripped off.

1:  If the price is unusually cheap you can be sure the parts being used are cheap too.

OEM screens range from £20.00 up to £300 or more depending on how new or expensive the device is/was.  The person or company doing the job needs to make a living from carrying out this work so you should expect realistic labor costs. Someone who charges very little for the time taken is most likely making money from the cost of the part by hiking it up on your invoice or receipt. Also likely to be using cheap poor quality or copy screens.

2:  Time the job takes to be done.

Anyone who changes an iPhone screen for example within the hour is not taking care of your iPhone. These devices are very delicate and temperamental this is not a job that should be rushed. How can you check? look at your front-facing camera does it look central? also, does your screen become disabled during a call when lifted to your face. These things will tell you if the proximity sensor has been correctly lined up.

3:  Ask to see the screen that they plan to use for your replacement.  

lookout for the part numbers usually printed in white on the screen flexes.

4:  Ask about any warranty and how long the warranty is.

A short warranty of just a few weeks means the repairer does not have any confidence in the parts they are using or the quality of his/her workmanship.  This is never a good sign.

5:  Don’t be afraid to check everything works before leaving the shop or premises. 

A trustworthy good technician would not mind this because they would have nothing to hide. MSPC Repairs & EDR will always ask our customers to check the device before even asking for payment.

6:  OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer.

This does not mean the part was made by the brand name company it means the part was made for the brand name company by someone else for example some genuine Apple screens are actually made by Foxconn, LG, or Samsung. Companies like Apple do not make any of the parts they use so you would not go to Apple to buy spare parts you would buy them from the same companies that they contracted to make them. Repair technicians who say it is impossible to get original parts have been asking the wrong people and have no idea how the electronics industry works. My advice is if they don’t even know the basics they shouldn’t really be left alone with your device in any case.

7: Beware of rip off supposedly respectable companies: