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Update on the sebs repairs smear campaign.

This person is still continuing his underhanded smear campaign against us and continues to spy on our business (must be in the blood or something)

but like any true Gloucestershire born bloke I will continue to struggle on wards regardless of the nasty un-truths this person is trying to claim. 

This idiot even tried to set our local police on me regarding a negative feedback he received from someone not even related to me or my business.

We did have a good laugh about this one though myself and the police so thanks for the laugh.

Sorry sebastian your fake google reviews will eventually get some legitimate negative ones and sometimes bribery or blackmail will not be able to get them removed. (deliberate lack of capitol letter for this persons name based on the fact he doesn’t deserve to have one)

Continued use of blackmail and even using fake review paid for companies will be picked up by Google and hopefully they will remove this scammers business from the listings pages just to prove only genuine businesses with genuine reviews deserve to get custom in Gloucestershire.



I have tried and tried to keep this business running against all odds but a very dishonest person running a rival business that has the ability to call on a very large Facebook following has made things very difficult for us.

The nasty smear campaign started by Sebastian Liberek in an attempt to try and destroy our business has been horrid.

Both me and Sarah find this disgusting and simply can’t believe this is actually happening.

Sebsrepairs ( never to be trusted) was a business we used to recommend to callers if we were unable to help them at that time. But it has now come to light that Sebsrepairs has been running a smear campaign against our business for about a year on Facebook. This is disgusting behaviour and the fact that Seb has been using his Facebook followers and fake reviews not to mention his bribes and begs towards people to change or leave positive Google reviews. This type of web search manipulation should be stopped. Paying for fake Google reviews should be monitored and stopped.

Sebsrepairs has a huge Google fake review listing that Google have not noticed yet but this will change.

I am not a racist but Sebastian Liberek has spent over a year stalking and watching my posts or special offers and using underhanded internet monitoring specifically aimed at finding out what our prices were and our turn around times. Not to mention our insurance cover that is always offered for all customer devices. Seb decided he would try to slag off and destroy a Gloucester family business. (born and raised in Stroud Gloucestershire) Keeping things local has not been so easy but I do send love and best seasons wishes to everyone locally.

This smear campaign has had a huge impact on our business. Both me and Sarah have been totally honest with our customers and we both would like to think everyone that has ever used our services have been fairly treated and have received a top quality service.

So many regular customers have been super great and we have made so many friends just by meeting them and being just us.

But there have been a few that will simply take advantage of our friendly and old school approach towards offering a local service. Our customers have always been assured they will be taken care of and we have always taken great pride in offering a service where we will always say ” if you have any problems please come back and we will sort it”

We have taken the time and effort to make sure our customers leave knowing they have been treated fairly and all that is humanly possible has been done to make sure every possible solution or repair procedure has been tried.

Sometimes things can’t be fixed and we will never charge for any item that has not been fixed. Our no fix no fee policy has always been running since 2007 and since starting the name brand this has always remained our policy.

NO FIX NO FEE LIMITED FREE DIAGNOSIS (30 min free diagnosis)

£25 per hour after free 30 min diagnosis.

MSPC Repairs & EDR Gloucester.

MSPC Repairs since 2012 from Kingsway Gloucester

EDR since 2007 from Stroud Gloucestershire.

Dec 2019.




This is how it can be done the story of MSPC Repairs.

Mark, living on benefits a single father raising 2 teenage children decided he wanted to make some extra cash simply to survive.

He started to buy broken electronic devices from online auction sites and repair them to sell as working refurbished items. With the extra money he made the amount of devices he could buy and fix soon started to build up and after 2 years of doing this enough money was raised to start purchasing basic business advertising materials like cards and flyers.

Mark then decided his electronic device repair hobby could potentially become a way off, of benefits and become self supporting. The local Job centre advisor who had been helping Mark with his benefit claims and back to work plans was extremely helpful with getting Mark’s idea up and running. She provided details of workshops that could be attended to help with the first steps and an extra benefit was given for attending these workshops and putting the sole trader small business plan into action.

For quite a while the business was nowhere near earning enough money to get off benefits completely but the fact that if less than £??? a week was earned the benefit amount would not be reduced really helped things get off the ground and made life much easier for the entire family.

During this time Mark met Sara on an online dating site and they fell madly in love. Sara moved from Watford where she lived with her mother and came to Gloucester to live with Mark and his 2 children. As time went on they had a child together a daughter. Marks eldest daughter found love herself and moved in with her boyfriend they now have a 4 child family of their own.

Mark worked from his living room for a couple of years working an average of 16 hours per day in a back breaking sitting position leaning over a low table not designed for the type of work he was doing but he continued to gain customers and successfully repair 98% of all the devices he was given to fix. Mark now has a purpose built workshop in his back garden fully equipped with specialist tools for many types of electronic repair work. This in itself is an Aladdin’s cave of tech and gadgets with CCTV and 24 hour security to protect customers property. Some gadgets you wouldn’t even have heard about line the walls and drawers and solutions to any connection problems can be found here.

MSPC Repairs was getting a great reputation and the way Mark and Sara worked together building the business was like clockwork. Both knowing exactly what to do and where they fitted in with the cogs of this small business machine. Marks lifetime of electronics experience and in depth knowledge of computers not to mention his serious love for anything gadget related made him great at what he does. And Sara’s extensive experience as a 999 operator and secretarial customer services role she had in multinational corporations gave her the perfect attitude and skills required to work front of house, dealing with work enquiries.

The great reputation and word of mouth recommendations from satisfied customers simply grew and grew making the business one of the most recommended electronic device repair businesses in Gloucestershire. This reputation has proved challenging and at times extremely difficult to keep up with. The phone is ringing constantly and Mark works every hour he has often working through the night to get jobs finished for customers to collect in the morning. Mark does suffer from insomnia so not sleeping and working through the night is not really a problem for him. Mark would rather be working to please his customers than sitting awake in bed twiddling his thumbs waiting for the sun to rise on another day.

And so a new day begins and this is where Sara kicks into action. Sara contacts customers to let them know the job has been completed and hand writes out a receipt with details of the work done and parts used. MSPC Repairs has always offered a six month warranty on the work they undertake and they will always put right any problems if they ever arise. The extraordinary success MSPC Repairs has had fixing things that other places have written off or provide over priced quotations for is widely recognised throughout Gloucestershire within the social media platforms and general word of mouth recommendations. It is this trust worthy and honest approach that has made MSPC Repairs so very busy and popular.

So from a single father living on the benefit poverty line to a very successful small business now valued at £85,000 or more and still growing stronger every day this really is proof it can be done.

Anyone can achieve this same sort of success and even though Mark knows this will never make him a millionaire this joint venture between Mark and Sara has enabled them to live and survive without too much worry. Yes things do get hard work and the day to day income fluctuations make things difficult to save or plan ahead but they have told me they will continue to provide the service they have become so well loved for over many years to come.

A small business valued at £85,000 is not a huge amount but remembering this is just one man doing the repairs and one woman handling the admin it is a credit to them both how well they are doing.

The name MSPC Repairs & EDR could of course make huge amounts of money if more technicians were employed and larger premises were used but would this be the same as the currently much loved cottage industry Mark & Sara are running now?

Yes MSPC does have the potential to grow much bigger and make much more money and this might be considered in the future but for now I for one would like to congratulate them for providing a great service which is in all honesty perfect in every way. I couldn’t recommend these guys enough to make it clear how great they are at what they do this is why I now write this short success story about probably the best small business I have ever had the pleasure to deal with.

I urge anyone to give them a call if they have any electronic device they want fixing and can guarantee they will certainly be pleasantly surprised at the professional and expert service they receive.

On a more personal note though Sara is the loveliest lady you are ever likely to meet and Mark really does break the mould with his expert knowledge and his very fair pricing structure. This is no way like the other places that will baffle you and con you with science just to make a quick buck. These guys ask for nothing more than the fairest price for repairs that others would charge the earth for.

Most electronic technicians would expect a huge payment for a service that is not really that expensive. Mark on the other hand will only ever ask for what it is truly worth and not a over inflated price. This is why they are simply the best.

Well done guys.

By David received 15th August 2017.

Today 22nd March 2017 a lone man decided to drive a car into innocent people injuring and killing them. He then proceeded to walk up or run up to a Police man and stab him to death before being shot dead himself by armed police outside Westminster Houses of Parliament. Yet the other day the news was full of the story about one of our brave soldiers having his murder sentence reduced for killing a terrorist while fighting a war. Please correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t soldiers supposed to kill the enemy? This entire world has gone crazy with rules and what is right or wrong. Since when did a war have to be played out like a game with rules and regulations. War is about killing or stopping the enemy full stop. When our soldiers are faced with this kind of evil with no care who they kill or injure surely shooting them dead during a war time battle is acceptable???

War is about soldiers fighting soldiers not mad men driving cars into innocent pedestrians my god what is going on? My heart doesn’t know what to make of all this only to say god bless those poor families that have been severely affected by this act of cowardice and evil. God bless our brave emergency services and god bless our armed forces. Huge shouts go out to the nurses doctors and all of the amazing British people who are dealing with this aftermath and taking all of this madness on their shoulders to make it right again. And when I say British people that means all of us living peacefully in Britain so don’t mistake this for a racial comment. We are all in this together no matter what race, gender or religious beliefs. MSPC Repairs send prayers and heartfelt best wishes to all of you amazing people.

March 22nd 2017.


There is no such thing as an original Apple screen all the screens Apple use are made by Sanyo, Epson, Sharp, and TMD in Japan with the digitizers made by Balda. These have widely become known as Foxconn screens but this is only because Foxconn are or used to be the final assembly company contracted to build the IPhones. Quanta are another big player in this industry but because Apple actually don’t make any of the components used in their IPhones it is impossible to get a genuine Apple screen and only possible to get an OEM screen. This means the screen is made by the original equipment manufacturer. This in turn means that an OEM screen is exactly the same one that Apple will use during final assembly of a brand new IPhone. The only difference is once it is put in the assembly line for a new iPhone it has a tiny white Apple painted on the screen flex. The ones sold to third parties as replacement screens are not allowed to have this logo for legal and copyright reasons.

Please see the shortened list of the real companies that make the IPhone below. ( Please note CSR in this list a UK company and the most reliable part of the device the Bluetooth chip never goes wrong.)

The screens we use are certified as OEM screens but the actual company that made the screen will always be one of the below mentioned companies and not one of the cheap copy places all over China.

It is impossible for anyone to know who exactly made the replacement part when it gets this far down the supply chain but it will be OEM and not a cheap copy.

Because we can’t fake the painted apple logo this would not stand up to an inspection in a Apple store so if this is under warranty this would become void.

This does not mean your screen is not as good as the ones Apple use it simply does not have their stamp on it.

Software and design Apple USA

Assembly Foxconn?, Quanta, Unknown Taiwan

TFT-LCD Screen Sanyo Epson, Sharp, TMD Japan

Video processor chip Samsung Korea

Touch screen overlay Balda Germany

Bluetooth chip Cambridge Silicon Radio UK

Chip manufacture TSMC, UMC Taiwan

Baseband IC Infineon Technology Germany

WIFI Chip   Marvell USA

Touch screen control chip Broadcom USA

CMOS chip Micron USA

NOR Flash ICs Intel, SST USA

Display Driver chip National Semi, Novatek US, TW

Case, Mechanical parts Catcher, Foxconn Tech Taiwan

Camera lens Largan Precision Taiwan

Camera module Altus-Tech, Primax, Lite On  Taiwan

Battery Charger Delta Electronics  Taiwan

Timing Crystal TXC Taiwan

Passive components Cyntec Taiwan

Connector and cables Cheng Uei, Entery Taiwan

1st Aug 2016


Items for sale.         SOLD

For sale Acer Aspire ES1 – 531 Windows ten Laptop. Colour Red.

This laptop is never used and classified as new brown boxed.

It comes without any retail documents and not in a retail box but the actual laptop is brand new.

The manufacture date of this laptop is 2015 3rd June so this is still within the manufacture 12 Months warranty.

Running windows 10 fully installed.

Specifications =

Red colour laptop 15.6-inch full size keyboard UK layout. Web cam built in.

Wi-Fi, Stereo speakers,

500GB hard drive.

DVD/CD Multi drive optical disk drive.

8GB ddr3 RAM memory

Intel N3050 CPU @ 1.60Ghz  1.60Ghz


2X USB 2

1X USB 3


1X SD card slot.

1X 3.5mm headphone socket

RJ45 Ethernet port.

Currently selling for £280.00 in the shops our price for this one is £180.00.

Genuine Delta Electronics power supply included.

We have laptops tablets and USB flash drives for sale among plenty of other bits and bobs gadget related.


I would like to apologies for missing email messages and for late replies to any potential customers.

We have had a couple of difficult weeks lately and over the next few weeks’ things will still be a bit disorganized.

Sara’s father has been very ill over the past few weeks. He passed away peacefully on Friday 29th April 2016.

The next few weeks could still be a bit disorganised.

We hope to get back to full working order as soon as possible.

Your understanding and patience during this difficult time will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards.

Mark & Sara

MSPC Repairs.

Have you lost or recently deleted data on your computer and realised you should have backed it up before hand?

Don’t panic we can recover accidentally deleted files from camera SD cards, USB drives Laptop hard drives and PC hard drives. Even if your computer crashes and tells you all data is lost this is not always the case. your data can often still be recovered. As long as the drive has not been written over data will still be on there it just needs some quite expensive software to search for it and get it all back.

The world is full of people who have lost wedding pictures or treasured baby photos simply because their tech has failed and they didn’t make a back up. The problem is most people don’t realise the data is still on the storage media and can be retrieved in most cases.


Even though Apple have now apologised regarding “error 53” and supposedly issued a software fix in the form of an update that will put things right. This has still left thousands of customers out of pocket and the loss of data can not be restored.

Apple still doing what they want when they want and not listening to their customers.

Prime example: Apple refuse to put a memory card slot on any IPhone so the owner can increase storage space. This allows them to charge over exaggerated prices for larger storage capacity phones. While Samsung who have always allowed the use of a micro SD card to increase storage dropped this on the Galaxy S6 range. Customers complained and guess what… Samsung have brought it back with the new Galaxy S7 range. This is a perfect example of a massive corporation listening to the consumer and caring what they have to say. I know a huge amount of people will swear by Apple and they think they are the bees knees. I however look at the bigger picture and see that they are controlling, devious, and a complete rip off. When people realise that the IPhone is not the status symbol it used to be perhaps they will see that being rated number 4 in the top smart phone charts pretty much says it all.

The IPhone being topped by not only Samsung but even the  LG G4 has taken the number 2 slot with the galaxy S6 edge at number one. Another Galaxy is in at number 3 so for all of those people posing with their new IPhone I am here telling you it is no longer cool to have an IPhone. Everything comes to an end just like the Blackberry the IPhone is on it’s way out. My advice spend less money this year on a much more stylish and superior phone and get either the Galaxy S7 S6 edge or the LG G4 or 5.

28th Feb 2016.


“Error 53”

The lies, the cheats, the reason why you should buy any other smart-phone and not an IPhone. The clue is in the name people don’t buy a stupid IPhone buy a Smart phone made by smart people who respect the consumer.

The following Apple spokeswoman part has been taken from an article on the Guardian website which can be found here. (No plagiarism on this site)

According to…..

A spokeswoman for Apple (get ready for a jargon overload): “We protect fingerprint data using a secure enclave, which is uniquely paired to the touch ID sensor. When IPhone is serviced by an authorized Apple service provider or Apple retail store for changes that affect the touch ID sensor, the pairing is re-validated. This check ensures the device and the iOS features related to touch ID remain secure. Without this unique pairing, a malicious touch ID sensor could be substituted, thereby gaining access to the secure enclave. When iOS detects that the pairing fails, touch ID, including Apple Pay, is disabled so the device remains secure.”

She adds: “When an IPhone is serviced by an unauthorized repair provider, faulty screens or other invalid components that affect the touch ID sensor could cause the check to fail if the pairing cannot be validated. With a subsequent update or restore, additional security checks result in an ‘error 53’ being displayed … If a customer encounters an unrecoverable error 53, we recommend contacting Apple support.”

My advice, don’t waste your time contacting them they will do nothing or most of the time actually know nothing, quite literally nothing. Most likely they will charge you a fortune for a replacement phone. Plus all of your data will still be gone or if you are lucky Apple will have some of it on their unsecure cloud. Also how secure is your data when this woman has just confirmed that Apple can access your phone and tell if it has been repaired by a third party or an authorized Apple dealer. Surely if they can find out what parts your phone has fitted just from a simple update then they can also access everything else on your phone as and when they please. (Don’t be fooled they already do all the time.)

First of all the fingerprint reader on your IPhone is a standard biometric device which can be found anywhere. This kind of technology has existed for quite a few years and biometric devices have been common place on laptops for ages. All this device does is scan your finger and store the print it has read on a software program. The device itself does not hold any information and neither does the screen on your IPhone. These parts are simply hardware that is designed to perform a specific job or function. Any ID data that is entered using the reader home button is logged on the software of the phone. The reader will simply scan your finger again and send this to the software to see if it matches. If it does the software will allow access to the IPhone.

Because only hardware is being replaced the woman who has tried to baffle you in the snippet taken from the Guardian website is talking utter crap. The repair technician who is might I ad probably more competent than the so called genius at the Apple store when it comes to repairing these devices is not replacing the operating system or any of the software. He is replacing an electronic component. This component does what it is meant to do and nothing else. It cannot see you, it doesn’t have a memory, and it can’t think for itself, it does not recognize you or remember who you are. It is in simple terms a collection of glass metal and silicone chips etc put together in a way that enables it to read a fingerprint. (Invented by someone else and made by someone else and not Apple might I add.)

Apple advertises their new IPhone raving on about their 3D screen that knows how much pressure you are putting on it. Synaptics invented a new screen technology called clearforce and guess what, that is exactly what their invention can do. So I wonder where Apple robbed this new screen tech from and claimed it as theirs. If Apple can do this then why can’t the customer choose who fixes their IPhone?

Apple don’t make any of the parts they use in their devices so what gives them the right to tell the device owner which person can fix it and what part they can use. Foxconn make IPhone 6 screens for Apple. Foxconn also sell IPhone 6 screens to the public for replacement purposes. The screens are exactly the same. There is no magic Apple DNA on the original screen. So how can they tell who or where a screen was replaced or even if it has been replaced at all. There is no such thing as a genuine Apple screen but there is a genuine Foxconn screen and this, my dear Apple spokeswoman is not classed as a faulty, generic copy or invalid screen because they are the same ones you use.

This brings me to recent revelations just coming to light since the release of this story. IPhone’s that have been repaired 100% legitimately by Apple approved and authorized companies have also been bricked by the error 53 issue. This makes me wonder what happens to all the returned and exchanged IPhone’s that Apple receive. We are pretty certain they are refurbished by Apple and then sold again to the public as refurbished replacements. These too are reported to suddenly die when updated. (refurbished IPhone from Apple costs double the price we charge for a screen replacement. so even with a refurbished phone Apple are ripping you off.)

So is this really about stopping the small independent repair companies from fixing Apple devices or is it more about Apple forcing the consumer to upgrade and buy new. My car is serviced by an independent company but Ford have not come round and taken my keys or shut it down. This might be because there is no way to do this remotely or through software updates (not yet any way) But even if there were would they be allowed to do it? Billions of businesses and mechanics disappear overnight all out of work. The motor industry grinds to a halt, People stop buying cars, car manufacturers’ hike up the repair costs more than they do already, and Chaos ensues. But still the not so intelligent consumers out there will still see an Apple with a bite taken out of it and instantly think it is the best smart-phone in the world and they must have it because the boy or girl next door has one. (News flash the Samsung galaxy S6 has been voted the best smart-phone in the world for 2015-2016 followed by the LG G4 then the galaxy S6 edge so the IPhone isn’t even in the top 3. )

Apple is bang out of order with this utter clap trap nonsense, the whole keeping the customers data and security safe excuse is wearing so thin now it is a joke. Your data is accessed all the time by Apple themselves, They know what you browse for, They know where you have been and when, They have all of your backed up data stored in the I cloud. (Not a cloud really just a massive storage unit (server) owned and accessed by Apple.) People really should be more worried about the data Apple is collecting all of the time you have owned your IPhone. From day one until it gets bricked by the latest iOS. Independent small businesses that fix your device have no interest in what you do with your phone or where you visited last July, or what your taste in music is or your 5000 pictures of your pet dog doing dog type things. (Sleeping mostly I would guess) Nor do they have enough time to be bothered with it all.

Most of us have hundreds of devices to fix and everyone wants it fixed yesterday. I agree this is our own fault because we cost 75% less than Apple for the exact same replacement or repair using the exact same parts made by the exact same Original Equipment Manufacturer. (OEM) Now this will not be possible and you the customer will have to pay tooth and nail to fix something that essentially is a load of crap any way and struggles to keep up with Samsung. By the way the SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 is rumored to be released on the 21st February this year.



I was not aware that BSKYB would disable the pause and record function on your sky box when you stop subscribing to their services. The key word here is YOUR sky box. That’s right people when you have completed your contract with sky the box belongs to you this is then simply a free sat box when you stop paying sky for the paid for channels. You can purchase any free sat box with the same capabilities as your now non subscribed sky box for less than £50.00 where you will be able to pause live TV and record series links of your favourite shows.

But no people not with your sky box. Once you stop paying a monthly subscription fee to SKY the box is still your property but sky send a signal to the box to disable the record pause and playback function. This means all of the programs you have paid for and recorded will not be watchable. They will exist on the hard drive which you own but you will not be allowed to play them ever. Unless you start paying sky about £10.00 per month to have these features turned back on.

How dare they do this it is holding your sky box recorded programs to ransom. The satellite receiver belongs to you but you are being prevented from using it. We must all boycott sky and show them this is wrong and should not be allowed. I recommend people buy a £50.00 to £140.00 satellite receiver that can have clines put on it to receive free sky channels and show the Murdoch Empire we will fight back. It is now possible to purchase such a satellite receiver that will allow you to simply connect it to the dish and set it up to receive all of the premium sky channels including all the movie channels and sports channels.

Some websites offer clines for free that can unscramble sky channels and some offer a yearly cline for about £50.00. Take into account that sky will charge the best part of £25.00 per month without the premium channels it really is a no brainer.

Is this legal? Well I don’t know but is it legal for SKY to own your recorded programs and disable your sky box? British citizens have a problem that needs to be addressed we all moan and complain but we will never fight back or stand up to these corrupt organisations. A revolution is required we need to start fighting back. If you can get something for free then it makes sense to give it a go.



IPad mini and airs are just a couple of the devices on the list of Apple devices that will brick if the screen is replaced. The IPad mini and air have been designed in such a way that repairing them is not meant to be possible. Apple has done this on purpose to ensure the public buy a new one rather than getting it repaired. We did repair these in the past but due to the new Apple practice of locking the screens to the logic board for each device we have now stopped providing this service.

After a screen replacement it will work but once the device has been restored or updated to the latest iOS the device will notice the screen is not the one it had from new and the device will either black out the screen or turn off the touch function rendering it useless. Devices made prior to early 2015 are not currently affected by this new Apple con.
All I can say is thanks Apple for making our expensive devices un-repairable unless done by Apple. Welcome to the age of the £600 disposable I device.
All new Apple devices are being made with some sort of logic board to screen link to prevent the consumer having it repaired by third party businesses or technicians.This is so they can sell new or refurbished devices exclusively themselves at a hiked up price.

Apple has always replaced IPhone’s and IPad’s with refurbished ones when returned to the Apple store but they will charge you a very unfair high price for a device that is essentially second-hand. The item you have returned will be refurbished and sold to the next unsuspecting customer. This means Apple have actually sold the same item twice.
Because of this nasty trick the fascists at Apple HQ are forcing on to the consumer we are no longer willing to risk customer’s devices becoming un-usable after we have carried out a screen replacement.

For this reason we will not be servicing new Apple devices like the air, mini, or pro IPad’s. Also IPhone 6s and some new generation iPods will not be repairable.

Thanks Apple for yet another way to tie our hands and force us to do it your way or no way.
Devices that black screen after we have repaired them will not be covered under our warranty because of the Apple software dilemma customers will have these issues explained to them so they can decide at their own risk.