This is how it can be done the story of MSPC Repairs.

Mark, living on benefits a single father raising 2 teenage children decided he wanted to make some extra cash simply to survive.

He started to buy broken electronic devices from online auction sites and repair them to sell as working refurbished items. With the extra money he made the amount of devices he could buy and fix soon started to build up and after 2 years of doing this enough money was raised to start purchasing basic business advertising materials like cards and flyers.

Mark then decided his electronic device repair hobby could potentially become a way off, of benefits and become self supporting. The local Job centre advisor who had been helping Mark with his benefit claims and back to work plans was extremely helpful with getting Mark’s idea up and running. She provided details of workshops that could be attended to help with the first steps and an extra benefit was given for attending these workshops and putting the sole trader small business plan into action.

For quite a while the business was nowhere near earning enough money to get off benefits completely but the fact that if less than £??? a week was earned the benefit amount would not be reduced really helped things get off the ground and made life much easier for the entire family.

During this time Mark met Sara on an online dating site and they fell madly in love. Sara moved from Watford where she lived with her mother and came to Gloucester to live with Mark and his 2 children. As time went on they had a child together a daughter. Marks eldest daughter found love herself and moved in with her boyfriend they now have a 4 child family of their own.

Mark worked from his living room for a couple of years working an average of 16 hours per day in a back breaking sitting position leaning over a low table not designed for the type of work he was doing but he continued to gain customers and successfully repair 98% of all the devices he was given to fix. Mark now has a purpose built workshop in his back garden fully equipped with specialist tools for many types of electronic repair work. This in itself is an Aladdin’s cave of tech and gadgets with CCTV and 24 hour security to protect customers property. Some gadgets you wouldn’t even have heard about line the walls and drawers and solutions to any connection problems can be found here.

MSPC Repairs was getting a great reputation and the way Mark and Sara worked together building the business was like clockwork. Both knowing exactly what to do and where they fitted in with the cogs of this small business machine. Marks lifetime of electronics experience and in depth knowledge of computers not to mention his serious love for anything gadget related made him great at what he does. And Sara’s extensive experience as a 999 operator and secretarial customer services role she had in multinational corporations gave her the perfect attitude and skills required to work front of house, dealing with work enquiries.

The great reputation and word of mouth recommendations from satisfied customers simply grew and grew making the business one of the most recommended electronic device repair businesses in Gloucestershire. This reputation has proved challenging and at times extremely difficult to keep up with. The phone is ringing constantly and Mark works every hour he has often working through the night to get jobs finished for customers to collect in the morning. Mark does suffer from insomnia so not sleeping and working through the night is not really a problem for him. Mark would rather be working to please his customers than sitting awake in bed twiddling his thumbs waiting for the sun to rise on another day.

And so a new day begins and this is where Sara kicks into action. Sara contacts customers to let them know the job has been completed and hand writes out a receipt with details of the work done and parts used. MSPC Repairs has always offered a six month warranty on the work they undertake and they will always put right any problems if they ever arise. The extraordinary success MSPC Repairs has had fixing things that other places have written off or provide over priced quotations for is widely recognised throughout Gloucestershire within the social media platforms and general word of mouth recommendations. It is this trust worthy and honest approach that has made MSPC Repairs so very busy and popular.

So from a single father living on the benefit poverty line to a very successful small business now valued at £85,000 or more and still growing stronger every day this really is proof it can be done.

Anyone can achieve this same sort of success and even though Mark knows this will never make him a millionaire this joint venture between Mark and Sara has enabled them to live and survive without too much worry. Yes things do get hard work and the day to day income fluctuations make things difficult to save or plan ahead but they have told me they will continue to provide the service they have become so well loved for over many years to come.

A small business valued at £85,000 is not a huge amount but remembering this is just one man doing the repairs and one woman handling the admin it is a credit to them both how well they are doing.

The name MSPC Repairs & EDR could of course make huge amounts of money if more technicians were employed and larger premises were used but would this be the same as the currently much loved cottage industry Mark & Sara are running now?

Yes MSPC does have the potential to grow much bigger and make much more money and this might be considered in the future but for now I for one would like to congratulate them for providing a great service which is in all honesty perfect in every way. I couldn’t recommend these guys enough to make it clear how great they are at what they do this is why I now write this short success story about probably the best small business I have ever had the pleasure to deal with.

I urge anyone to give them a call if they have any electronic device they want fixing and can guarantee they will certainly be pleasantly surprised at the professional and expert service they receive.

On a more personal note though Sara is the loveliest lady you are ever likely to meet and Mark really does break the mould with his expert knowledge and his very fair pricing structure. This is no way like the other places that will baffle you and con you with science just to make a quick buck. These guys ask for nothing more than the fairest price for repairs that others would charge the earth for.

Most electronic technicians would expect a huge payment for a service that is not really that expensive. Mark on the other hand will only ever ask for what it is truly worth and not a over inflated price. This is why they are simply the best.

Well done guys.


Brought my Mac back to life when I thought it was a complete write off…assessed it, fixed it, and saved my data for about half of what Apple would have charged to diagnose it.

Adam Whitmore.

Superb customer service and quick turnaround time, reasonable pricing for an Original Screen and a faultless quality of service

Fraiser J Thomas.

Excellent service which I would recommend to anyone. Thank you for all our repairs and queries answered to date.

Helen G Kingsway.

Fantastic service that is second-to-none! Had my iPad screen replaced by Mark and when it cracked again, he checked it out and found a problem which he solved and replaced the screen the same day at no charge 🙂 I am so pleased with the service and attention to detail. Also, must mention Sarah too, who is always so helpful and friendly. I would never trust my repairs to anyone else again!

S Flint.

Mark and Sarah recently helped repair my Iphione 5s with water damage and smashed screen and my daughters I phone 5C with screen that had come off!
Id had a really bad experience with Vodaphone store and was led to believe my phone was not worth fixing. Mark had it working within 2 hours.
Was so impressed at the flexibility they show with collection times etc. Would definitely recommend and use again. Proper company with proper people and proper warranty!

Rebecca P J

Mark is obviously a computer genius & Sara is one of the nicest people on the planet! Fantastic customer service, super friendly, thanks so much!

Taken from our Facebook page.

Dear MSPC Repairs,

Just a quick message to say thank-you for the great
work you completed on replacing my iPhone 5 screen. Looks like a brand new phone
and no problems whatsoever. Friendly, fantastic and fast service and fully
recommended to anyone!


Tom Willetts

Dear MSPC Repairs,

Mark did a fantastic job replacing my iPad 3 screen and all done on the same day too 100% recommended.

We have since been back for a laptop repair and again this now works perfectly and seems faster now than it was when new.


Fixed my iPad and my iPod both done on the same day and returned looking like new truly excellent and thanks.