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We are a local friendly family-run business based in Kingsway Quedgeley Gloucester. Call or text 07548 775 769 for a true non-rip-off honest quote.

My name is Mark and this is my business.

A trustworthy value-for-money electronics device repair company right on your doorstep or just a postal service away. Our repairs are always covered with our 6-month workmanship warranty (T’s&C’s detailed on our full receipts which are always given on request.) All work is carried out in our purpose-built workshop. Fully covered with CCTV 24-7 cloud-stored and monitored alarm system 24-7.

I have been working in the electronics industry since I was 17- or 18-years old ( Now 51 years old.)Working for companies like Marconi, Evesham Technology, BAE Systems, CTL, GBE, and Subcontracted to help with a MOD design for Leonardo Co.

I continued to further qualify within the electronics industry and computer software, and hardware gaining a number of A+ qualifications while still gaining knowledge on the job I was then headhunted by Corintech and Softeq Development UK.

I made the mistake of taking a job that looked promising but when the company lost a major contract, I was made redundant.

I then decided to work for myself and use my skills to provide a much more affordable service than all of the big fish companies forcing consumers to replace rather than repair.

So MSPC Repairs was created in 2007. To begin with I concentrated on smartphone repairs and computer repairs but soon noticed a much wider need for general electronic device repairs.

With my wife Sara we decided to put our skills and knowledge together Sara’s skills with customer relations and me with the fix it don’t bin it attitude, 

This is where my wife Sara comes into this because she is probably the nicest lady you will ever speak to or if lucky enough meet. Her telephone manner customer care and front-of-house skills are second to none. Sara will follow up on missed calls or messages because it is only right and polite to do so. Give Us a call and you will see what I mean.

So, this is where EDR comes into the mix. We will diagnose and repair any electronic device apart from large white goods or large televisions.

This is only because of limited space. We can however test and repair PCBs removed from the large white goods and televisions. (Please use a confident or professional person to remove any electronic boards from any device. Always make sure there is no power running on the device.)

We repair car electronics including light clusters, ECUs, dashboards, fuse boxes, Stereo head units, sat-navs, motor home power distribution units, in-car entertainment systems, salon, and hairdressing equipment, any electronic small device or anything electronic from any vehicle can be diagnosed and often repaired much cheaper than replacing.

We are against the wasteful way society simply throws away electronic items and replaces them when it is almost always much cheaper to repair than it is to replace.

We do have many UK-based contacts for trade-priced computers and laptops. We can also build bespoke gaming computers jointly designed by the customer and us.

We can carry out data recovery on a non-forensic scale (User files only) but customer permission would be required and our privacy forms would need to be signed before any data is recovered.

This is us. EDR & MSPC Repairs. For any electronic device or computer-based problems no matter what it is give us a call.

No job too small and no job too strange or weird.

We have fixed some pretty weird devices over the past 15 or more years so you have nothing to lose by giving EDR & MSPC Repairs a call.


Mark & Sara.

EDR & MSPC Repairs.


Working from home means no overheads in turn this means I can keep my prices low. Our purpose-built workshop is located at our home address. This workshop is specially equipped for electronic device repairs.

I offer easy to afford prices. for work that would normally cost you so much more. Our services are offered from Kingsway, Quedgeley Gloucestershire for local customers and the whole of the UK using postal service. We will insist on Special delivery for any postal repairs just to cover device insurance.

I offer a free 30-minute diagnosis plus a no-fix no-fee policy. Devices that take a long time to diagnose could incur a small fee.

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Telephone advice can often be given to help you attempt problem-solving yourself without paying for someone to come out and hit the “ctrl – alt – delete – keys”. Some of the devices we have repaired have not just been the usual smartphones and laptops. We have repaired blenders, toasters, small TVs, horse clippers, and car electronics, including engine management, light cluster board repairs, and mid-screen car computer repairs. Car built-in sat-nav units. Radio control equipment and the list keeps growing, too many to mention here. Please call 07548775769 because if it’s electronic we will do our very best to get it sorted for you.

We add that personal touch to our business and treat our customers like friends. We pride ourselves on being able to fix laptops and computers without the customer losing any data they have stored on their hard drive. (Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to store customer data for future recovery ) We can only restore data that exists on the customers’ devices if recoverable. Please see our T’s & C’s regarding customer data. (We will not accept loss of data based on the fact the user should always back up data important to them. )

Is your computer or laptop too slow,? does it have a broken or a not working keyboard, touchpad, Cooling system, or fan struggling to keep the laptop cool? Or have missing or broken parts, or just need a makeover and service?  A hot Laptop with cooling problems will certainly fail which could cost you a complete laptop replacement losing all of your data when a service could save you all of that inconvenience, Please give us a call. We offer data recovery and full system restoration for the best possible price probably the cheapest in Gloucestershire. For this, you would get your computer back like it was when purchased ( cosmetic condition not included.) with your user folder data still on the computer. Unlike other places that will simply delete everything and set the computer back to factory settings. We will clean and service the entire hardware area of the computer/laptop which would include re-seating and thermal paste renewal on any hot running ICs. Including the fan cooling system and checking all other components are working as they should. Any problems will be discussed and our 5-star rated advice will be given. 

We repair and service other electronic devices such as – Tablets, iPhone screen replacements, iPads, iPods, Huawei phone screen replacements, TomTom, Garmin, Sat-nav, HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, Nokia, Galaxy tab, Google Nexus, Macbook, Apple Mac, iMac, Vehicle electronic devices, Light clusters, car computer management units, ECU repairs, dashboard display units.  amps, car audio, ICE, Plus many more electronic devices.


At EDR & MSPC Repairs we endeavor to provide value for money for a service that has for too long been expensive and confusing. We pride ourselves on being the only business in Gloucester to offer a fully electronic device repair service rather than just smartphones or computer equipment. Most electronic devices and equipment will fail at some point but for the cost of replacing a capacitor or a transistor costing less than £10 why not get it checked before you throw it away.?

As we say don’t throw it out, Give us a shout.